The controversy around the church official Monsignor William Lynn in trial for ‘conspiracy and endangerment of minors’ remind us of the importance of mandated reporter professionals. Here is a list of those obligated to report abuse or neglect to the authorities.

Was Monsignor William Lynn (and Church officials) mandated to report the abuse of children and unmask the abusers? Do they have any responsibility in reporting the abuse to the authorities?

“Mandated reporters
 are professionals who, in the ordinary course of their work and because they have regular contact with children, disabled persons, senior citizens, or other identified vulnerable populations, are required to report (or cause a report to be made) whenever financialphysicalsexualor other types of abuse has been observed or is suspected, or when there is evidence of neglect, knowledge of an incident, or an imminent risk of serious harm”The answer to those questions is YES. Priests or religious person (in any degree or title like Bishop, Cardinal, Deacon, religious brother) in a category of public servant must report abuse or neglect.

Priest have the privilege of secret of confession but the concealment of confession doesn’t apply to information gather in any other way outside of confession. Monsignor Lynn as well as those in charge of clergy had and still have the obligation to report the abuse and make those under their supervision accountable for their misdoings or become an accomplice of abuse.

“These professionals can be held liable by both the civil and criminal legal systems for intentionally failing to make a report but their name can also be said unidentified. Mandated reporters also include persons who have assumed full or intermittent responsibility for the care or custody of a child, dependent adult, or elder, whether or not they are compensated for their services. RAINN maintains a database of mandatory reporting regulations regarding children and the elderly by state, including who is required to report, standards of knowledge, definitions of a victim, to whom the report must be made, information required in the report, and regulations regarding timing and other procedures”

Here is a list of professionals mandated to report abuse. Complete article on ‘Mandated reporter’ here

Professionals responsible for mandated reporting

In many US states, mandatory reporting requirements apply to all people in the state.

In other states, mandated reporting requirements generally apply to staff members of a public or private institution or caregiving facility, as well as to a variety of public safetyemployees and medical professionals, or a public or private school responsible for the safety and well being of vulnerable persons. These generally include, but are not limited to the following: