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Here is this Pastor from which I believe we all can learn. Simple, direct, not artificial in any way, a husband and father who is passionate on his beliefs on Jesus Christ. I do not know him well yet, but I already can see that there is something to learn from him which is going back to the simplicity of the Christian message. Christianity has gotten entangle in theological discussions and distinctions… so much concentration in the tree and we have lost sight of the forest.   

Mark A. Driscoll (born October 11, 1970) is an American pastor and author. He is the founder and preaching pastor of Mars Hill Church inSeattle, Washington, he co-founded Churches Helping Churches and theActs 29 Network.

Driscoll’s casual, but direct approach style of sermons has resonated in the Pacific Northwest, a region considered the least churched in the nation, according to the North American Religion Atlas. Driscoll delivers his sermons with a Systematic Theology approach.

Mark Driscoll’s direct answers to complicated spiritual questions: ‘His style of public rhetoric is very authoritative. Whether it’s about the Bible, or about culture, he is very clear and definitive’ -says Rob Wall

Driscoll has been widely inspired by other theologians including Augustine (especially on predestination), John Calvin (especially on city transformation), Martin Luther(especially on the gospel), along with the PuritansJonathan Edwards and, Charles Spurgeon. And he finds himself in connection with contemporary theologians includingLesslie NewbiginTim KellerEd StetzerJ. I. PackerFrancis SchaefferJohn Stott,Wayne GrudemDon CarsonJohn Piper and David Wells.[11]