NCLR in Las Vegas this year. There are 21 million Latinos that can vote in the US. Probably half of them will actually vote. The counsil’s CEO Janet Muria extended the invitation to speak to the latino community, Republicans and Democrats. There are important issues for the Latino population and this was the opportunity to address it.

– Democrats sent Vice President Joe Biden to speak to the Latinos in the country.

-Republican candidate Mitt Romney was not present at the conference and there was not representation from the republicans. Come on!

As a Latino, part of the 51% of Latinos ‘independents’, not affiliated, not democrat, neither republican, I feel like this is a slap in the face from the republican party. You can’t just ignore a the Latino conference, which is the most important conference in the country addressing Latino issues in the US.

Thanks Mr. Vice-President for attending the conference, it means a lot for the Latino Community your participation.