I found this interesting blog: ‘my experience with Las Servidoras’ where a young female tells her experience of psychological and emotional abuse from The Servants nuns when discerning her religious vocation. The Servant of the Lord, which are the female branch of the Institute of the Incarnate Word, use the same methods that the male branch use, which is in summary, the use of ‘fear’ in souls that are looking to find God’s will for their life. The purpose to use and abuse FEAR in the Institute is to increase the number of members, which helps their cause of growing. The Institute barely care about the well being or real vocation of those souls that reach to them for help with questions or counseling, they only want one more person in. Consequences of the abuse: many souls entered into a life that they are not call to be in.

Catholics in general deal with ‘GUILT’ and that’s the emotional weakness exploited by this kind of Institutions. Once you are in, the only way out is going through an extremely sense of guiltiness and the fear of salvation (this are concepts spread in the Institute) which leaves the person with traumatic scars. The fear of leaving and ‘betraying God’ which is the psychological and emotional ‘hook’ use by the Institute, leave wounds and traumatic experiences in those that decided to leave.

I appreciate the blogger for taking the time and telling her own experiences, she does it in a loving and charitable way, expressing her experience and concerns about the methods and also looking to prevent others of the same abuse or provide peace of mind for those not really call to serve the Lord in that type of life.