Why the Newtown Tragedy? The answer is… STOP LOOKING FOR A BECAUSE…

We saw pictures and read in the newspapers some days ago about the tragedy in Newtown Connecticut:

The nation’s eyes remain on Newtown, Conn., where an adult gunman opened fire at an elementary school Friday morning, killing 20 children and six adults. The death toll places the mass shooting as the second worst in U.S. history.

There is not an absolute ‘because’. One after another politicians, religious leaders, newsman, writers… important people have been giving the ‘reasons’… the answers to the ‘why’… and that has just added sadness to the whole tragedy. There are not absolute answers to the sad and terrible real tragedy. Every answer intended to explain the tragedy will fail because what happened is beyond rational so we can’t make it fit in any rational way of thinking.

We have heard reasons like: It’s because God has been taken out of our schools… It’s because mental illness… It’s the lack of gun regulations… It’s because blah blah blah… what a joke! Any reason provided is just not enough… Maybe explain some partial or slightly touch part of it but there is not a reason because what it happened is totally unreasonable and irrational.