This video provides a visual on ‘distribution of wealth’ in the US. This is Economic Liberalism at the root of the distribution of wealth problem. It is the ‘unregulated’ economical system that results in unfair distribution of wealth.

The principles of Economic Liberalism in the US have become ‘dogmas’ and the consequences are catastrophic for society. Rich get richer and is very well known that the ‘trickle down theory’ is just in very simple words bullshit.

The idea of JUST distribution of wealth is usually attack with the demonize word: ‘Socialism’ which by the way are two very different things. Justice or fairness is not equal but fair, just, proportional distribution. It is unfair to have a guy with a million pair of shoes and the other in barefoot. An unregulated economical system just legalize avarice and make greed an accomplishment.