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List of Priests Who Have Left The IVE

We’ve told you before how so many of the IVE priests leave (see here.) Now we want to share more detail. Below is a list of 167 IVE priests that have left the Institute. Some have become diocesan priests. Some have gotten married (with & without dispensation.) Some have left the Church. This list not comprehensive, but it is probably close.

Probably over 40%, possibly over 50% of priests have left the IVE.

580px-institute-of-the-incarnate-word-ordinations-priest167 is an astounding number for an order founded just 30 years ago. It is difficult to say what percentage of IVE priests this represents, but it’s probably over 40%, possibly over 50%. When we started this blog three years ago the IVE claimed 350 priests and 96 parishes (see here.) The IVE no longer share the total number of priests on their websites, but they do list parishes on their websites and we counted 77 parishes or communities listed (interesting how that number has gone down – especially for such a “young” and “growing” order.)

Assuming two priests at each of the 77 parishes, that gives 154 priests (which is generous – they have 26 parishes in this province and on wikipedia claim only 40 priests.) Priests that help with formation are usually on staff at a parish as well, so most have been taken into account, but lets assume ten extra, which is generous. Then assume ten more for monasteries, which is also generous. That gives 174 current priests, meaning the 167 represents 49% of the total.

Why do so many leave? Many reasons, most which are covered on this blog. They leave because there is no discernment practiced by the IVE (see here.) Nor are there any admissions processes to filter out poor candidates (see here.) Then the formation is horrible (see here, here, and here) and they are treated horribly (see here.) If any think about leaving during formation they will be pressured to stay and told it is the devil tempting them. After they are ordained and let out of the formation bubble most of them figure out they’ve been duped and leave. If they had a real vocation, they’ll go to a diocese. If not, they will head home.

It sounds dramatic – especially considering all the smiling faces of seminarians on their websites – but it’s true. Heck, even Superior Generals have left (see here.)

Here is the list. Apologies for the poor formatting. See link: List of Priests Who Have Left The IVE