It’s an interesting argument that Bernie Sanders remaining in the race is suppressing Clinton’s results in the polls against Trump. This is a level playing field and if she was as competitive, she would equal Sanders in these polls. So the real question is, how much further ahead would Sanders be of Trump without Clinton in the race?

By landslide margins is the answer, and both Clinton and Trump know this.

I do wish that Clinton supporters would cease their chatter about how many more votes she has won than Sanders. These results are limited predominantly to Democrats, and do not factor in the independents and republicans of the general electorate.

She has received 5% of the national vote, in a party that heavily favours her and represents only 29% of the electorate.She has been running against an opponent who came from nowhere, starting with no money or organisation and who has accepted no funds from corporate America or special interests.

As a household name and with the entire DNC establishing backing her, along with wealthy and powerful donors, and the liberal media behind her, she has had every advantage.

When she has employed election rigging, voter fraud and suppression, illegal fundraising, a network of surrogates in the DNC establishment and media, a strategy of misrepresenting her opponent to distort the truth, and she has to copy his campaign themes and personality to boost her own popularity, the only place her results are valid is on paper.

Of the independents whom have voted in the primaries, Sanders has won 70% of this group, which forms 50% of the population. These independents are the reason that in the NBC national poll of 13,000 voters released on May 10, Bernie Sanders defeated Trump by 13 points, and she defeated him by 5 points, inside the margin of error.

More record breaking metrics are: Bernie Sanders $200 million has generated small donations from 2 million donors making 7 million contributions (and is the campaign without conflicted interests), a network of 9 million volunteers (without a single paid troll), 1.2 million people attending Sanders rallies, with attendances in excess of 27,000 at single events; And his leading her for months in every poll against Trump.

She can only dream of such enthusiasm and passion from her base. This is the false picture that is painted when the hand of corruption controls the strokes of the brush.

The problem with Clinton’s poor favourability ratings has nothing to do with Bernie Sanders. It is her own past wrong doings catching up with her. In fact, he averages 25 points higher in general favourability ratings, and among Democrats, he now has a higher positive rating, and lower negative rating.

It’s starting to sink in with her campaign and the Clinton media, with her baggage from so many scandals, Trump is going to be harder to defeat than they thought, and they are going to make a scapegoat of Bernie Sanders, the stronger prospect, to hide her weakness.

The truth of the matter is that the DNC are propelling a dead campaign with a weaker leader to victory over a live campaign with a stronger leader; And in doing so, they will continue to alienate both Bernie Sanders loyal supports and swing voters, without whom her winning yet the election is impossible.

It is time for the Clinton campaign, her supports and the media to face reality, in that she has lost a 60 point lead to Sanders, and that slender margin of a lead which she has over Trump, will immediately become a deficit when the FBI releases it’s investigation findings.