After a long investigation made by Monsignor Taussig, Bishop of San Rafael, the Vatican has decided to request Founder and General Superior of the Institute of the Incarnate Word to step-down. The Founder Rev. Carlos Miguel Buela was asked to resign as General Superior of the Institute (known as IVE).

Allegations of misconduct have resulted in Vatican intervention. A delegate from the Holy See has been assigned to oversee the election of a new Superior and to ensure Rev. Buela does not influence in the decisions or elections of the General Chapter.

In a letter from Rev. Buela to the Pope (a copy sent to the Institute superiors around the world in absolute secrecy) the General Superior and Founder of the Institute (IVE) thanked the Pope for letting him step down without intervention of the Institute. The letter compromises the Vatican and the Pope in some kind of secret agreement or arrangement between them (The letter can be red in Spanish in here)

The strong influence of these Founders (Maciel, Burresi, Karadima, Buela) in their religious communities is one of the problems faced by Rome. There are a lot of people around the world, priest, nuns, laity that have been fervent followers of what they call “Nuestro Padre”. There are concerns not only about sexual abuse but the abuse in general like manipulative way of recruitment, the abusive use of fear and humiliation in order to obtain personal to institutional benefits (sexual, power, influence, money, etc)