Donald Trump & Hate Speech

I heard once in school: “generalizations based on religion, or race or gender are simply unjust.”

Hate speech is define as a speech that attacks a person or group on the basis of attributes such as gender, ethnic origin, religion, race, disability, or sexual orientation.

Are Donald Trump’s speeches, HATE SPEECH?

Banning Muslins from entering the country or people of a particular religion or race being identified and treated differently because of it… Calling Mexicans criminals… He has already upset the african american community, the latino and immigrant community, the Muslin and Jewish community… What is next?

In law, hate speech is any speech, gesture or conduct, writing, or display which is forbidden because it may incite violence or prejudicial action against or by a protected individual or group, or because it disparages or intimidates a protected individual or group.

The American Jewish Committee’s (AJC) director, David Harris, noted the timing of Trump’s statement: “As Jews who are now observing Hanukkah, a holiday that celebrates a small religious minority’s right to live unmolested, we are deeply disturbed by the nativist racism inherent in the candidate’s latest remarks,” Harris said. Continue reading


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