Fr Carlos Buela was Forced to Resign and Sentenced to a Monastery (2010)


Church Documents: Due to Morally inappropriate behavior Fr Carlos Buela was Forced to Resign and Sentenced to a Monastery

SUMMARY: After an investigation by the Vatican, IVE founder Fr. Carlos Buela was forced to resign in 2010 as head of the IVE and to reside at a monastery due to “morally inappropriate behavior”. The sentence to a monastery is very harsh and usually reserved for extreme cases of sexual misbehavior, such as when Fr. Maciel was forced out of the Legion of Christ. The IVE have been lying about this for years and continue to lie: to their own priests, sisters, seminarians, donors, and prospective members.

Fr. Carlos Buela, founder of the IVE, was ordered by the Vatican in 2010 to resign his position as head of the IVE and reside at a French monastery after investigations revealed

morally inappropriate behavior of Father Buela with several youths of the Institute.

The revelations came to light via testimonies from IVE priests seeking dispensation to the laity. This is according to a leaked church document, shared below in its original form and followed by translations into Spanish and English at the end of this post.

Buela’s resignation in 2010 were never clear, in or outside of the IVE. Buela claimed his resignation was due to “poor health” – a dubious excuse given his active international travel schedule before and after the resignation. Inside the Institute it was whispered to be the result of “Church politics.”

There were rumors of something more material – and the IVE leadership surely knew the truth – but nothing was ever shared and the IVE repeatedly denied that this was due to abuse or that there was a punishment beyond his resignation as head of the Institute.
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